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Azula is the princess of the Fire Nation, daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and Princess Ursa, and the younger sister and archenemy to Prince Zuko. She was a key enemy of Team Avatar, chasing Avatar Aang and her banished brother far across the Earth Kingdom accompanied by her two best "friends" Mai and Ty Lee. Azula Poker Face - YouTube 10/15/10 SWEET CRAP! +1,000 VIEWS?! *faints* Mmm...not that great...just something I felt like doing... I OWN NOTHING! Poker Face ♥ - YouTube { EDIT || new thumbnail, old video ;) } Sooooo..... I finished the whole thing! YAY!! I had a lot of people requesting me to make it longer, and since I liked the way it looked, I decided to just ... Ty Lee | Avatar Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Ty Lee was a cheerful and energetic girl who hailed from the Fire Nation. As the daughter of a nobleman, she attended the Royal Fire Academy for Girls with her friends, Princess Azula and Mai. As a child, Ty Lee dealt with six sisters who shared identical appearances with her. This caused her to...

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But I especially like that Ty Lee and Mai can fight on equal terms with the benders they square off against. Ty Lee, in particular, thanks to her crazy acrobatics and chi-blocking, is downright scary for the benders to face. For Katara, at any rate, Ty Lee is way scarier than Zuko or Azula. 9. She introduces the Avatarverse to chi-blocking Azula/Sokka (Avatar) - Works | Archive of Our Own An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Azula Quest - Q | Page 167 | SpaceBattles Forums The warnings about that in the Fire Nation are closer to 'if you aren't careful and the blood thickens up too much, you might just lay eggs to hatch, instead'. Which Zula finds blech because she would pretty much have to match up with Zuzu to risk something like that, and Zuko is pathetic.Sniveling coward, weak bender (average, but from Azula's pov weaker than her is all that matters ... Chapter 10: Team Azula | Avatar The Last Airbender: Dragon ... “Kira, don’t you want to say hello to your parents? We’ll wait outside while you exchange greetings.” Azula left with Mai and Ty-Lee, and I turned to face my wife0eyed parents. “You look well.” My father stammered, as my mother looked down at the ground. “You had another child?” I said. “I have a brother?”

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Ty Lee. 11,159 likes. Hi! My name is Ty Lee. My best friend is Azula and Mai, after hundred years war i joined Kyoshi warriors and find new best friends.

Explore Andee Airbender's board "ATLA: Azula, Mai, Ty Lee", followed by 148 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Avatar airbender, Avatar the last airbender, Legend of korra. Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee having a threesome : AvatarPorn Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee ~ Poker Face -