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How Much Gambling To Get Comps? - Las Vegas Forum ... With table games it's a combination of your average bet and how much time you spend playing. A single blackjack bet of $1k won't really interest a casino in terms of giving you comps, a few hours play at $25 per hand will. With slots and video poker it's a case of how much in credits you put through a machine. Comps - How to get free goodies from the casino How to earn casino comps. What qualifies as "large" depends on the size of the casino. The smaller the casino, the less you have to lose to get your consolation prize. At the Hard Rock Casino, which is pretty small, a loss of more than $4000 can reportedly net you 10% of your loss in comps.

5 Top Casino Gambling Tips and Strategies

Las Vegas Gambling and Comps - Everything You Need To Know Everything you need to know about Comps in Las Vegas including how they work, all about players clubs, and how to get the most value from your gambling

5 Top Casino Gambling Tips and Strategies

Seven smart ways to land a Las Vegas casino comp Getting freebies from a Las Vegas casino isn’t as easy as it used to be but it’s still ... of casino customers. Most of us have to spend some money to even get on the casinos radar for comps. Here are some tips to receive freebies from a NBA MLB NHL NFL ...

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Here we give you an overview on casino comps. We show you how to get a card, ... A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Comped ... the casino wont comp you nearly as much ... Casino Gambling Basics - Entertainment | HowStuffWorks Casino Comps and Tipping the Dealers - You can win more than money at a casino, and you can spend money on more than gambling. Learn about casino comps and tipping ... Atlantic City Comps - How To Get A Comped Room And Other ... Everything you need to know about getting a comp room in Atlantic City, including how much play is required and the easiest times and casinos to get comps.

If you win the hand, the dealer will get a $2 tip. If you lose, the house gets the money. Some older gambling guides tell of a cat-and-mouse game in which the blackjack player uses tips to get the dealer to deal another hand before shuffling when the cards remaining to be dealt are in the player's favor.

Answer 1 of 16: How much do you have to gamble to get free comps? I am not a high roller by any means but I do plan to do more gambling this trip than usual. How much do you need to gamble to get a free room? Casino Tips and Strategies - A Beginner's Guide to Comps Many casinos offer video poker games that payout up to 99% of all the money they take in back, this can provide some great value for a player. For this reason, the casino wont comp you nearly as much for playing them. You can expect to get one reward credit for every $10 cycled through these machines. Gambling and Comps Question - Gambling - Questions and ... It can be expensive if you get chasing them for the wrong reasons. However, generally speaking, you will get your best comps by concentrating your major hours at one place. The different games you play do matter, but only in as much as the casino calculates how much they expect to win off of every $100 you bet on that game.